COVID-19 Update: Insurance Commisioner  Orders the Refund of Premiums to Consumers & Businesses
April 16,  2020

This week, the State of California Insurance Commissioner issued an order that requires insurance carriers to refund adjusted premiums for the months of March and April 2020 to purchasers of specific lines of commercial insurance considered most effected by the pandemic. These include:

- Medical malpractice
- Commercial automobile
- Workers’ compensation
- Commercial liability
- Commercial multiple peril
- Other line of coverage where the measures of risk have become substantially overstated as a result of the pandemic. 

You can view the
Bulletin 2020-3 here:


The order does not identify specific response protocols for carriers, outside of a required reporting to the Department of Insurance within 60 days, to include all current and potential future actions taken to refund customer premiums in response to the Bulletin.

So, how does this impact or benefit you?

If you have any questions, or would like to understand more about your existing insurance and risk management program, please let us know.We are still evaluating what this new regulation means for our clients. We are  communicating with our carrier partners to receive guidance on their next steps. 


The regulation orders carriers to make an initial premium credit, reduction, return of premium, or other appropriate premium adjustment to all affected California insureds as soon as possible, but no later than 120 days after the order, or by September 28, 2020.